This Clever Power Strip Solves So Many Charging Woes

Plug in up to nine devices at once with this handy swivel power strip.

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Bent wires, limited outlet capacity and devices that block multiple plugs are a headache when setting up electronics. Extension cords free up some space, but the wires can seem never-ending. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with fighting over outlets and tripping over wires thanks to the Swivel Power strip from Bell+Howell. Whether you live in a Victorian-era home or a studio apartment in the city, the Swivel power strip is essential for any living space to keep devices charged and connected. 

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What is a Swivel Power strip?  

The Bell+Howell Swivel Power Strip is an As-Seen-on-TV product that actually works. It adds surge protection and flexibility to your charging setup, with an impressive nine charging ports available. It combines traditional outlets with modern, fast-charging USB ports so you can charge just about any device and still have room left over. 

The main three-pronged plug is its standout feature. It swivels 180 degrees to adapt to different home setups. Want to use it on top of the entertainment console or in the home office? The plug adapts and rotates however you need it to (as long as there’s a three-prong outlet to plug into). 

There’s a capacity for six three-pronged outlet ports throughout the power strip. It also has a section with three USB plugs, which is perfect for other smart home products. The strip itself measures less than a foot and tucks behind furniture, on counters and everywhere in between.  

Rest assured that you’re safe from voltage spikes if you decide to use all nine ports at once. The power strip has built-in 3,000-watt surge protection. Just be mindful of electrical limitations. The power strip is ideal for devices like smartphones and smart home devices, tablets, a Kindle, computers and other small tech, not bigger gadgets like microwaves or TVs.  

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How to use a Swivel Power strip 

Find a three-pronged outlet and plug in the power strip. Depending on where and how it’s needed, rotate the power strip in just about any direction. Plug in up to six pronged items and three USB port devices at once.  

It’s also helpful if you’re stuck with items that have three prongs, but previously only had access to two-prong outlets. Use it on family vacations, in a room at home, business trips, classrooms, garages and more. It’s a thoughtful gift for tech lovers, too.

The best Amazon user reviews 

Five-star reviewer Teia R. loves the swivel power strip for the wonky outlets in her apartment. She writes, “My plug in my apartment bathroom is upside down. Why? I don’t know. This allows me to use it correctly while having USB to charge my phone or Fitbit. Bought one for the sideways plug in the kitchen.”

“I originally got one of these for the home office but quickly realized it would be great when traveling,” says verified purchaser Allan Keiler. “I now keep one in my backpack when I travel. I found it very helpful when a hotel room has limited outlets available.”  

Another five-star reviewer, Daisy, writes, “I had been looking for something to use in the bathroom that would leave the top outlet open for a night light with a sensor. This is the one! I tried so many others.” She adds, “I am able to use if for my curling irons, a speaker, a small desktop fan and still have open outlets! I bought so many others, but this one is perfect!”  

Where to buy the Swivel Power strip 

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Shop the swivel power strip on Amazon (just in time for Prime Day) and Walmart. Never suffer from bent wires and weird outlets again.  

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