This Amazon Steamer Changed My Life—I’ll Never Pack for a Trip Without It

See why our Senior Shopping Editor won't go on a trip without this on-sale steamer—it boasts over 10,000 positive reviews!

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I recently went on a weekend getaway with my husband. As expected, our clothing did not stay carefully nestled next to my Cadence travel containers. By the second day of our trip, the suitcase was a wrinkly tangle of spring dresses and chinos. That meant attending a swanky vacation dinner looking utterly disheveled—yikes! If this sounds familiar, I have good news: the Urpower portable travel steamer is here to save your trips.

What is a travel steamer?

Ironing your clothing makes any outfit look polished and intentional, but bulky boards and heavy irons aren’t exactly travel-friendly. That’s why shoppers can’t get enough of the Urpower travel steamer. Not only is it compact enough to fit right in your carry-on, but steam is a safe alternative for delicate fabrics like silk. Packing a portable clothing steamer is the smart way to prevent wardrobe-related travel emergencies.

How do you use the Urpower travel steamer?

Using the Urpower travel steamer is simple—just pop your blouse, pants or dress on a hanger (or use this genius garment rack duffle bag). Then, fill the reservoir with water and plug in the unit. Flip the rocking power button to start heating up your steamer. Once heated, a 130-milliliter water tank provides seven to 10 minutes of continuous steaming power.

We love the addition of thoughtful details and safety features, including a velvet carrying case and heat-resistant mitten. It also automatically shuts off when the water level reaches below the minimum fill line. Plug it into a transformer when steaming abroad.

What reviewers are saying

The Urpower travel steamer is one of the best travel steamers available on Amazon, with over 10,000 positive reviews. Daria, our Senior Shopping Editor, doesn’t go anywhere without packing this travel accessory. She notes that it “takes under two minutes to heat up,” so freshly steamed clothes are ready in under 10 minutes.

“My best friend got married this past weekend,” noted Daria. “I perfectly steamed seven bridesmaid dresses and the bride’s dress in under 90 minutes. Not a wrinkle in sight. I usually dread removing wrinkles from clothing—ironing is my least favorite chore. The Urpower travel steamer made wedding prep a breeze. I recommend it to everyone.”

Verified Amazon reviewer Sheesh writes, “I bought this almost a year ago for some traveling that I was going to be doing (interviewing across the US). I knew the hotels would only have an iron and I really like the way a steamer eliminates wrinkles, so I purchased this one following a friend’s recommendation. Let me tell you, it was absolutely worth it! It fit in my carry-on and worked beautifully every time.

I would suggest reading the instructions about how to angle the tip because water can leak out if you hold it at an odd angle. But after the first time it happened, I learned and haven’t made the same mistake again. I only used bottled water (free from hotels, win-win!), and I could always get a blouse and some slacks done with one pour. I loved it so much that my partner bought one for his travels, and we always make sure one is packed when we go away on trips. Highly, highly recommend!”

Where to buy the Urpower travel steamer

$40 Urpower Steamervia merchant

Pick up the best portable steamer for yourself or as a travel gift for the jet setter in your life while the Urpower steamer is on sale. It normally retails for $40, but add it to your cart today for a staggering 38% discount. Plus, save an extra $3 with a limited-time bonus coupon. Your clothes (and wallet) will thank you.

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