When Is the Best Time to Buy a Washer and Dryer? Top 4 Times of the Year to Save

These insider tips on the best time to buy a washer and dryer will help you save a bundle

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Like other major appliances, including dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators, washers and dryers are a big investment, and you’ll want to shop around to get the best deal possible. But sometimes, there is only one best time to buy a washer and dryer: when your current machines stop working. However, your washer and dryer will often give you signs that they’re on their way out—namely, when they stop washing or drying clothes properly, or when your repair person gives you a warning.

If you do have a little wiggle room in terms of timing, before you start shopping, know that there is a best time to buy anything, from big appliances to small appliances. Here’s what the experts have to say about when you can get a great deal on a washer and dryer.

When is the best time to buy a washer and dryer?

Don’t worry—you haven’t missed your window. How do we know? Because there are multiple times throughout the year where you can get a top-notch model at a big discount, though, of course, some of those discounts will be bigger than others. “Appliance brands tend to release new models during the fall season, meaning that retailers have to move out the previous inventory of products in order to make room for newer models,” says Kristen Gall, a retail and shopping expert with Rakuten. That means those slightly older models of washers and dryers will be on sale right before or right when the new ones come out.

Looking for a brand-new model? Remember that prices are generally at their highest when a manufacturer first releases a new product. “I suggest waiting a bit and making your purchase after the price goes down,” adds Gall, “as newer models are always being released and retailers and brands need to shuffle out inventory.” You’ll find similar patterns if you’re also looking into the best time to buy furniture.

When is the best time of month to buy a washer and dryer?

Some retailers offer savings at the end of the month if they need to meet a sales quota. That said, you’ll likely score a better deal during a holiday weekend instead of waiting and hoping for an end-of-month sale.

When is the best holiday to buy a washer and dryer?

You can’t miss the advertisements—and you shouldn’t ignore them. Holidays and holiday weekends rank high among the best times to buy a washer and dryer. “They typically go on sale during key holiday shopping weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, New Year’s and Presidents Day,” Gall notes, adding that Labor Day tends to be the best of the bunch.

When else might you find a great deal on a washer and dryer?

James McQueen, a senior communications specialist at Consumer Reports, suggests checking out the consumer watchdog’s Best Time to Buy Calendar. Per the calendar, July, September and November are the best times to shop for washers and dryers. However, in the spring and early summer months—from April to July—you might find great deals too. “Retailers look at this time of year as their opportunity to ‘clean house’ and rid their warehouses of precious inventory space,” explains Gall.

Best time to buy a washer and dryer
July, September, November and holiday weekends—especially Labor Day

When is the worst time to buy a washer and dryer?

Of course, sometimes the universe doesn’t cooperate with the best times to buy. But if you can help it, here’s when to avoid buying a new washer and dryer:

Right after a new model is released

As Gall noted earlier, if you want the newest model, the worst time to buy will be right when that washer or dryer is released. However, she points out, that’s when older models will likely be on sale. The tricky part is timing it right. If you don’t wait for that model changeover, you could end up paying too much for an older model that will likely be discounted in another few weeks.

During supply chain issues

Unfortunately, McQueen notes that actual deals on large appliances have been lackluster since the pandemic hit. The resulting supply chain issues have kept many items at a premium.

What is the average life span of a washer and dryer?

While this will vary by brand, model and frequency of use, Gall says that the average life span of a washer is anywhere from 10 to 14 years, and the average life span for a dryer is 10 to 13 years. Learning how to clean your washer and dryer properly can also help them last longer.

Tips for saving money when shopping for a washer and dryer

  • Shop around. The first store you visit might have the best price—or it might not. Gall suggests shopping around to see what various retailers are offering. “Some may have discount codes you can use, and some may be having special weekend sales,” she points out. Plus, sometimes a salesperson can tack on an additional discount to motivate you further.
  • Check out open-box appliances and floor models. What’s an open-box item? It’s one that’s been opened by someone who then didn’t want it—and their change of mind can work to your advantage, since these items will be discounted. The same goes for floor models in the store. “These tend to be cheaper,” explains Gall, “as they have been the ones that people have touched and looked at.”
  • Use a shopping rewards program. Gall also suggests using shopping rewards programs like Rakuten that offer cash back for online and in-store purchases to save even more on a washer and dryer. You should also check out Honey, Be Frugal, SwagBucks and Top Cashback.

The best washers and dryers of 2022


Should I buy a new or used washer or dryer?

When deciding whether to buy a new or used washer and dryer, Gall suggests considering how long you plan to have your washer and dryer, as well as how often you plan to use it. “If you’re planning to use it for the next several years, I would recommend investing in a new one,” she says.

How much should I spend on a washer and dryer?

Before you start shopping, always consider your budget. “Overall, you should be prepared to spend at least $1,000 on a new washer and dryer, while higher-end models could cost upward of $2,000 for the set,” says Gall. Make sure to consider options from these reliable appliance brands.

Saving on essential household appliances

There are a few ways to save when buying a new washer and dryer. If possible, you should try to wait until the fall or for a holiday weekend to roll around so that discounts will be the steepest. However, if you can’t wait, try shopping for floor models or open-box models, or purchase an older model after a newer one is released. Here are some of the best washer and dryer brands that you can check out.

Now that you know the best time to buy a washer and dryer, for even more smart savings, check out our articles on the best time to buy a house and the best time to buy a lawn mower.


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  • James McQueen, senior communications specialist at Consumer Reports

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